At Olivet School, we are proud to provide the education your child needs to succeed in today’s world. Founded in 1893, we are a private elementary school located in central Etobicoke, in Toronto’s west end.

Our educational philosophy is seen in the way we teach: teacher to student ratios that allow for child-centered learning, enriched academics that extend beyond basic curriculum, increased experiential learning opportunities outside school walls, character education for making successful decisions for today’s world and a supportive learning community built on caring Christian values.

Our mission is to provide a place where children can be instructed academically, morally and spiritually.  We strive to work closely with parents to help each child grow to achieve his or her personal potential.  The Bible is the framework we use to achieve this, and God’s message is integrated into every aspect of school life. Olivet School is affiliated with the New Church faith.

Parents, students and Olivet School teachers love the Olivet community for its caring, home-like atmosphere, small class sizes and its rich academic program taught alongside Christian values. 

If a strong academic program combined with solid character education is the education you want for your child, Olivet School is for you.

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Without kindness—or spiritual warmth—nothing grows.

-Emanuel Swedenborg


Meet Our Staff Members


Michael Cowley


Jared Buss

Assistant Pastor