Our Staff

Britteny Wilson

Teacher, Grade 1,2,3 & Principal

Britteny Wilson knew she wanted to be a teacher from the age of 8. She spent four years at Queen’s University, and completed her teaching degree at the University of Toronto before living out her dreams at Olivet School! She firmly believes in child-led learning, balancing traditional strategies with new models, and the power of positive encouragement. 

For the 2019/2020 school year, Britteny is taking on the part-time role of Principal, as part of the School Administration Team. She brings strong leadership with her organization skills, clear-sightedness and balanced perspective.  

Outside of school, she enjoys reading, playing tennis, and cuddling with her cat, Kitt.


Laura Braam

Teacher, Kindergarten & Assistant Principal

Before attending teacher’s college and obtaining her Ontario Teaching Certificate, Mrs. Braam took Montessori training and now incorporates this methodology into her classroom. Her additional qualifications include courses in mathematics, special education and English as a second language. She now has her sights on studying the Waldorf method.

Mrs. Braam brings this a deep love of children, exuberance and an incredible spirit of helping others. She loves all things teaching and loves to talk about pedagogy, methodology, strategies and best practices. 

In her spare time, she loves spending time outdoors, and enjoying a good book.


Valerie Younan

Lead Administrator, Human Resources

Valerie has been contributing her skills and services to the Olivet School community in a Human Resources capacity for the last 5 years. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology & Education as well as being certified in Human Resources Management.

For the 2019/2020 school year, Valerie is also taking on the part-time role of Lead Administrator, as part of the School Administration Team, hoping to support the smooth running of the school. 

Val brings a sense of humour, perspective and compassion as key leadership and relationship tools.


Michael Cowley


Michael Cowley, M.Div., MAPC combines over 35 years of pastoral, administrative, educational and counselling experience with his love for the students and parents at Olivet. 

Along with his daily activities in the school he offers parenting and marriage workshops. One of the best ways we can help strengthen the work we do with the pupils at Olivet School is to strengthen the parents in their work at home. Michael has taken training at the Gottman Institute to be recognized as a certified educator both in the Emotion Coaching: The Heart of Parenting program as well the Seven Principles for Making Marriages Work program. 

Michael has been married to Gwenda for 35 years and together they have raised six (now adult) children. They often work together as a team in various Olivet activities and programs. Gwenda is trained as an elementary school teacher and has studied and attended professional and educational trainings with Michael. 

Jared Buss

Assistant Pastor

Jared Buss graduated with an M. Div. from Bryn Athyn College of the New Church in 2015. His love for engaging with people around the fundamental aspects of life and faith is what drew him to his current position as Assistant Pastor with Olivet. Jared’s work at the school includes leading in chapel services, teaching Scripture classes to primary students, and offering pastoral support to the church community. His mission is to help those he meets become the individuals they truly wish to be.


Sara Gatti

Teacher, Kindergarten

Sara Gatti’s plan for a teaching career began at the young age of 5 when she began school herself! She felt it was her calling from kindergarten on and today she is living the dream at Olivet School.

Believe it or not, Sara herself came to Olivet as a student in the 60’s! She later went to the New Church College in Pennsylvania and graduated from their teacher education program. She began her teaching career at Carmel New Church School in Kitchener, Ontario and then moved back to Toronto where she became the grade one and two teacher at Olivet. Today Sara is the junior and senior kindergarten teacher here at Olivet. Sara and her husband both love Olivet and therefore brought their own two daughters, (who are now in their 20s) to this school.

Sara wants to teach in a school that prepares students for this world and the one to come. She loves the fact that we value the same spiritual, moral, and creative qualities in which she believes. Sara chose Olivet for herself and her daughters because it provides an education for the whole child. A student’s spiritual, academic, physical, social and emotional development are considered in all that is taught. Another big plus to Olivet is its location. Situated close to a green space and Mimico Creek Mrs. Gatti and the kindergarten students are often seen exploring nearby nature or going to visit the ducks down by the water.


Elaine Kim

Teacher, Grades 4 & 5

Elaine Kim has been teaching in North America for 17 years. She began with teaching French and worked as a translator of New Church books at Bryn Athyn College in Pennsylvania after she had completed her MA program in Religious Studies there. She completed a certified teacher program with French literature as her major. Six years ago, she came back to Toronto where her parents and siblings live. Two of her nephews are Olivet graduates! Elaine enjoys living, learning and teaching in Toronto, where its openness and diversity contributes to its strength and beauty.

Elaine loves the teaching approaches that are centered on the learners and afford them the opportunity for in-depth investigation, hands-on activities and collaboration; one of her favourite methods is project-based learning. You can see her senior students’ First Nations diorama boxes, human organs diagrams, or Solar System models, exhibited in her classroom and the hallway. Her hobbies are reading, choral singing, drawing and Chinese calligraphy. In the summer, she enjoys being outdoors with her family and taking education classes. Her next areas of interest to pursue are Special Education and child psychology.


Karen Cooper

Teacher, Grades 1 & 2

Karen Cooper, or Madame Cooper, teaches French here at Olivet School. She also is in charge of the school library and develops Sunday School programs. She enjoys interacting with the students in the classroom, and has started a regular reading incentive program, complete with prizes! Mrs. Cooper is also feeling excited about cataloguing all the library books and entering them into a modern library computer program!

Mrs. Cooper has been teaching since 1990. The first fifteen years were at a New Church school in Maryland, USA. There she taught kindergarten, and high school level literature and French. At Olivet she has taught as a home room teacher in the grade 1 – 2 classroom as well as in the 5-6 classroom!

One of the things that Mrs. Cooper most enjoys about teaching at Olivet is the focus on being useful. She believes that everything we do should have a focus on helping others, from the information that we learn, to our day-to-day activities. She has been delighted to incorporate the use of the AIM Method in teaching French, as she feels that its emphasis on learning another language for the sake of genuine communication rather than filling out worksheets is most valuable. She especially appreciates how this ties in with the key Olivet principle of care and concern for our fellow human beings.


Judy Todd


Judy came to Olivet as a mother of two children looking for a good community program for her youngest child, Stuart. Having recently moved to Etobicoke and having heard good things about Mrs. Pulpan’s Tots’ Time program, they enrolled. They liked it so much that Stuart continued for two years in Playschool and Judy volunteered in the program during that time. When Mrs. Pulpan moved on to teach full time in the Olivet Grade School, Judy made the transition from volunteering to teaching and overseeing both Tots’ Time and Playschool programs. As a graduate from both Humber College and Ryerson’s Early Childhood Education programs, this transition was well suited to her background. Over the years these programs have adjusted to changing educational philosophies and government regulation under her guidance. Fast forward now 20 years and both her children have finished university! Thinking back to when she first started in the field of early childhood education, Judy never expected to still be enjoying the day to day process of caring and providing experiences for preschoolers at Olivet.  

Judy believes that being with young children helps to keep her young at heart and agile. Maybe that is why she has also volunteered for over 20 years with Girl Guides. As a young participant starting in Brownies, Girl Guides gave her two things, the motto Be Prepared, and a love for the outdoors. Judy and her husband enjoy hiking, canoeing, and camping while exploring our National and Provincial parks. Recently, Judy has taken to cycling, riding with a club and training indoors during the winter. “I love that I can challenge myself to do things that I never expected.” Judy says of herself.

Since her daughter, Clare, graduated in fine arts with a love of experimenting and creating art with a social message,  Judy  also has felt the creative juices flowing and has signed up for acrylic painting lessons; her first efforts are amazing and can be seen in the church lobby!


Naomi Reid

After-school Caregiver

Naomi Reid is Olivet’s much valued After-school caregiver. She was raised on a farm in northern Alberta where she and her siblings were expected to help out! When Mrs. Reid left home, she went to the New Church boarding school in Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania for grade twelve and college. She moved to Toronto in 1986 after finishing a Bachelors degree in Psychology and Religion and then worked for 26 years in an inner-city group home, counseling at-risk and troubled teenage girls. One of Naomi’s favorite activities while working at the group home was to teach crafts to the young ladies. While working full time, she also earned a child and youth worker diploma and eventually a Master’s Degree in Organizational Psychology.   As it turns out, one of her favourite things to do after all that education is still to teach crafts to people of all ages! On Wednesday afternoon she can be found with an attentive group of Olivet children who are given good quality supplies and detailed direction to complete a project they can be proud of. In addition to doing the afterschool program, she also does a number of other jobs for the Olivet church including teaching Sunday School classes and helping plan activities and chaperone multi-congregational high school weekends, youth and young adult’s social events and. If Naomi was unable to do the work she does now, she would probably find other ways to teach a variety of crafts to people who want to learn them.  


Rebecca Enkin

Music Teacher

Rebecca Enkin is very happy to join the wonderful staff at Olivet as Music Teacher. Since beginning her classroom teaching career, she has enjoyed teaching children to sing in choirs; to play Orff instruments, recorder, and piano; and to love the music of the great Classical composers. She has also been working as a jazz singer since 1989 and has been featured in concerts and events in leading Toronto clubs, concert venues, and festivals, playing alongside some of Canada’s finest jazz musicians. She has been a member of the award-winning Cantala Women’s Choir since 2009 and has recently started singing in St. Patrick’s Gregorian Chant Choir in downtown Toronto. Besides making music, Rebecca loves to read literature, poetry, and non-fiction, spend time outdoors, and to exercise. Rebecca and her husband Marc live in west Toronto with their teen sons Adam and Noah, and their beloved beagle Barney.