Kindergarten (JK & SK)

At Olivet School, our Kindergarten classes are where we really shine!  We provide a safe, welcoming environment for your little ones to learn, build character and grow.

The classes are led by our teachers who have decades of experience in childhood education and are personally committed to the development of each child.

Let us share with your child the wonders of education in an environment that lets them be uniquely them.

Let’s start their journey of learning together at Olivet School. Book a tour today.

We offer both junior and senior kindergarten, full-day or half-day. Kindergarten is the first year some children are in a school environment, and we treat it as a transition year to the formal education process.

The children work on number, colour, shape, and language skills, but these are balanced with lots of attention on social development among peers and with teachers. We also use this time to teach basic skills that lead to success in reading and mathematics. In kindergarten, we introduce foundational ethical ideas: helpfulness, teamwork, caring for the environment, respectfulness, and safety. Children of this age are also delighted by conversations about heaven, the presence of a loving Creator, and the constant care He provides through parents and angels.


This is a time to lay academic foundations in language and mathematics, but even more it is a time to instill a delight in learning. Making school fun is achieved through tons of movement, excursions to the creek and beyond, building and creating, telling stories, reciting poetry, and singing.

We work hard to help students experience success and master the process of working toward success, rather than only the results. We do this by pacing work to the individual student’s interests and abilities.


I love my school because I trust that our son is deeply cared for in a personal way by his teacher and he will be paid close attention to in all aspects of his development; intellectual, emotional, social, physical. Also, I trust that she will be in close communication with us about how our son is doing in these areas throughout the year.

Kindergarten Parent

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