Junior (Grade 3)

In our junior classroom, our approach to education continues to be holistic.

The holistic classroom approach, which brings together academic, social, emotional, and physical development, is all set within the concept of spiritual education. A spiritual focus teaches students:

  • To see themselves and others as having intrinsic, God-given value which transcends any flaws, differences and limits
  • To pursue purposeful contributions in life which go beyond the pursuit of personal gratification
  • To recognize their connection and accountability to a higher being

With excellent teacher-student ratios, each child receives regular individual attention and is supported in achieving his or her potential for academic excellence.  Since intellectual mastery at the junior room level relies on the adaptability of our teachers to meet student interests, the teacher actively engages with the students to learn their interests to help deliver the curriculum.

I love my school because the faculty, students and parents make up a friendly, mutually supportive environment, unlike any school I have ever experienced.

Grade 3 Teacher

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