Parent Testimonials

I love my school because I trust that our son is deeply cared for in a personal way by his teacher and he will be paid close attention to in all aspects of his development; intellectual, emotional, social, physical. Also, I trust that she will be in close communication with us about how our son is doing in these areas throughout the year.

Kindergarten Parent

I love my school for its small class sizes and nurturing, family-oriented environment which encourages a level of self confidence and social awareness in the students that is very difficult to foster in a larger school setting. This, in combination with a healthy blend of spirituality and academics provides an excellent foundation for students both from an educational and broader social perspective. It’s a setting that’s hard to beat!

Grade 1 Parent

I love my school for teaching my son to be not only an excellent student but also a good person. Thank you for your love, care, appreciation, compassion, understanding, help and encouragement on every level.

Grade 5 Parent

I love my school because Olivet has always been there not only for my daughter that attends the school, but for my family; the staff is sensitive, supportive and loving.

Junior Kindergarten Parent

I love my school because of the creative approach the educators take to teaching the essentials and because I am so impressed by how well rounded the program is. I could not imagine a more nurturing environment for my child to develop academically, emotionally and spiritually. I wish I had known about the school when it was time for my older son to enroll in Preschool!

Past Playschool Parent

I love my school because Olivet is a true hidden gem right in our neighbourhood. I enrolled my son in the playschool program after befriending a staff member and we’ve been there ever since!

Playschool Parent


Student Testimonials

I love my school because the classes are very small so you get lots of attention.  The teachers are very smart and still have fun with you.  Also you go on extremely fun academic trips—about 13 field trips a year!

Grade 5 Student

Staff Testimonials

I love my school because the faculty, students and parents make up a friendly, mutually supportive environment, unlike any school I have ever experienced.

Grade 2 and 3 Teacher

I love my school because I have the best job in the world! Every day I come knowing that the students want to learn, the parents are supporting me and my colleagues are kind and passionate individuals.

Kindergarten Teacher


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