Why Olivet?

Enrolling your child in a Christian school

At Olivet School, we focus on creating a warm, caring environment for our students by maintaining small class sizes and integrating Christian values and character development into all that we do here at the school.


We offer affordable tuition

Our graduates are recognized for their qualities of integrity, thoughtfulness, respect and diligence. Through generous donations from our successful alumni, our tuition remains affordable for those parents wishing to enrol their child at Olivet School.


What will your child experience at Olivet School?

If personalized attention, a safe and supportive learning environment and the development of strong character are priorities for your child’s education, you are likely to find a home here. It’s these qualities in particular that continue to attract lifetime teachers, loyal alumni and a student population to Olivet School.


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All teaching is simply an opening of the way.

-Emanuel Swedenborg

Words From Happy Parents

  • "Parents are always welcomed to participate, but everything is done with clear rules, ensuring the safety of all kids and improving their interactions."

  • "As soon as we arrived at Olivet, I could see how much my daughter enjoyed Olivet School’s environment, and how comfortable she felt (even as a shy girl) around the staff."

  • "As a parent who recently moved and had her daughter making new friends again, it’s wonderful to hear the other kids calling my daughter's name when she arrives at school!"

  • "Due to my daughter's severe food allergies, I am more than satisfied with Olivet’s leadership approach to making the school a safe environment for her."



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