Co-Curricular Activities

At Olivet we are able to cover a curriculum enriched with outings and experiences to enhance students’ understanding of their subjects in the context of the world around them. Our curriculum is enriched with field trips to a variety of places and with performances, both as participants and audience members. Our facilities and access to green space allow us to offer a range of activities to enhance learning.

Field Trips in the past have included: Visiting the Mayor’s Office, meeting with Canadian authors, petting farm animals at the Royal Winter Fair, visiting an artist’s home to paint in his studio, theatre visits, visiting professionals at their place of business, Phys. Ed. trips to Centennial Hill, regular explorations of the creek and wooded area, bicycle tours of Toronto Island and much more… Furthermore, amazing “one-off” experiences have included overnight camping trips, horseback riding, touring Sault St. Marie and Cessna flights over Toronto. 

Performance Opportunities: Annual French play, Annual end-of-year music production, Christmas Concert and classroom skits.

Facilities and Equipment: Laptops, video and still photography, commercial kitchen for occasional cooking, math manipulatives, science equipment, performance stage, gymnasium, sports field, immediate access to large green space with trails and stream. We also have a public skating rink and pool nearby that we use regularly for our athletics program.


Movement is incorporated through all our Olivet programs, but we also have a physical education program which introduces students to a wide range of games and sports. The focus is on developing coordination, ball skills and fitness, qualities of teamwork and perseverance, and lots of fun. We emphasize participation, skill development and enjoyment rather than competition. This means that no student is left sitting on the bench and every student graduates with the abilities and experience to flourish in a wide range of sports.



The Olivet music program starts in preschool and lays a solid foundation of delight as well as competency in music. Starting from basic songs, rhymes, movement and games along with percussion instruments at the younger levels and working towards reading, writing and performing music on a range of Orff instruments and recorders, Olivet students receive an inspiring, creative and thorough background in music. Twice during every school year we put on whole school concerts— a highlight for parents and extended families.

Below is a Music Video of the Beatles “Eleanor Rigby” created and directed by our students. This video was created to instill a sense of loneliness in the viewer. We hope you enjoy it.


French is introduced from both Preschool and Kindergarten onward. Our French program is built around the acclaimed AIM method which moves students rapidly into conversational French rather than just having them fill out worksheets and conjugate verbs. Students learn gestures to reinforce new vocabulary and build towards performing a French play for parents at the end of the year.  Our French program produces amazing results; one of the most important being that students enjoy using French, rather than dread their language classes. Enjoyment means that students not only learn French but actually want to speak French!

The students learn French through the AIM method by moving rapidly into conversational French.

Drama and Dance

The Grade 1 and 2 puppet play from the French Show.

At Olivet we have at least 5 musical and theatrical events each year, including our annual Christmas Concert. We also regularly attend musicals and play productions to expand students’ understanding of dramatic arts.  Every year the French department produces a French play for parents. The music program also has a cumulative musical production at the end of the year which highlights the acting and musical talents of the students in the older grades.


At Olivet we realize that in addition to a strong academic and character foundation, students will need a solid understanding of technology in order to succeed in the future.

We use technology to build self-motivated learners. Laptops are available for specific tasks such as learning touch-typing or working in a specific subject area. 

Students obtain experience using the classroom projector to make presentations about what they have learned to the class. While learning is useful, sharing this knowledge with others makes it purposeful.

Visual Arts


In addition to academics, we at Olivet believe in the value of art. Art enriches our lives and has been proven to positively stimulate the brain.

The children from preschool to the upper grades are encouraged to explore their creativity through the use of a variety of mediums. For example, painting with tempera, gouache, water colour and acrylics and sculpting with different types of modelling clay or even recycled materials not only develop excellent eye-hand coordination, but teach an appreciation for the creation of something of beauty. The concepts of colour, value, line, shape, texture, and space are taught at age appropriate levels. Art appreciation is addressed through the study of artists like the Group of Seven and visits to art galleries.

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