Olivet School offers Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary and Junior programs. 

Our programs are built upon the principle of providing children with a caring approach to education.

How do we accomplish this? By making use of small class sizes, giving children immediate attention, and building trusting relationships. At Olivet School, we believe that knowledge is not what is important, but the application of that knowledge in a truly caring way. This is why we focus on each individual child’s unique needs, learning style, and strengths.

Because of our fundamental approach to learning, Olivet School has been able to achieve academic excellence without overburdening students. What does this mean for your child? A more well-rounded student experience including enrichment activities, field trips, and various other out-of-classroom opportunities.

Contact us to learn more about our unique approach to education and the programs we offer.

I love my school because we have drama, double recess and because it is fun to go to whole school Chapel on Mondays.

Grade 3 Student

I love my school because we get to learn recorder in music, we do fun experiments in science and we learn calligraphy.

Grade 4 Student

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