For Parents

School Closings & Emergencies

In the event of an unscheduled closing or emergency, the school will utilize an automated phone service to contact parents. During unscheduled school closings there is no childcare provided and no refund for the school programs (though the cost of after school care is refunded).

  1. You will receive an automated phone call from 416-239-3054.
  2. We will send out the call the night before or between 6:30 am and 7:30 am on days with severe weather. We will let you know if the school is closed for the day or if it will be a late start.
  3. We will contact the home phone and cell numbers you supplied on your registration form. If you would like us to use another number instead of, or in addition to these numbers, please contact the main office.


Automated Phone System

We routinely use a one-call phone system to notify parents about events or changes. If you miss a call from the school it is likely a one-call. Please check your messages or follow the link below for the most recent message from the school.

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