Principal’s Welcome

“I love my school because of its warm and caring community with a focus on what matters in life.”

It has been an honour to serve Olivet School for a second year as principal and to be a part of the many things that make the school so unique. This past year has been a wonderful journey as we continued to introduce new programming that emphasized on the learning, growth and development of our Olivet students. Our staff worked closely with parents, Olivet New Church and the greater community to achieve this and we continuously strive to cultivate each student’s gifts and talents.

A key foundation for our success is our dedicated teachers. Our teachers bring more than just a wealth of experience and training to their jobs; they bring a deep love and inspiration for teaching, connecting with and developing a love of learning in the young children in their care. Another foundation at Olivet is our commitment, for over a hundred years, to excel in character education based on sound principles from the Bible. We use the teachings of God to inspire students to be caring, considerate and accepting of those around them.

Learning sits at the center of Olivet, with strong academics, high expectations, creative exploration, and careful work on communication, understanding and application. In the process of building a foundation in academic subjects, we develop an enjoyment of learning, a confidence in the ability to learn new things and a broad commitment to lifelong learning.

Our concept of growth builds on the broad learning goals we hold. There is an important difference between mere knowledge and actual understanding and application. The intelligence and knowledge of a brilliant surgeon who never does surgery has little value. Ultimately, we pursue the goal of knowledge with real-world application. True value emerges as our students begin to apply and connect what they are learning, and it is here that they truly begin to grow in a meaningful way.

In gardening there is always an element of the miraculous when plants begin to emerge, but there is also the work of cultivating soil to provide for the best growth possible. At Olivet, we cultivate an atmosphere of inclusiveness. This warm community creates the conditions which best support growth in each individual student. This allows Olivet students to develop creativity and self-expression, the feeling of security to explore, and the confidence to engage wholeheartedly in life.

Gabriele Pulpan
Principal, Olivet School

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