Our Philosophy

Since its founding in 1893, three elements have remained key to Olivet’s philosophical approach to elementary school education that set it apart from other private schools in Toronto.

Caring Atmosphere

A caring educational atmosphere is a vital part of learning in the primary grades. We teach and nurture qualities of safety, gentleness, innocence, kindness, gratitude, and integrity. Our hope is to give children the experience of school as a gentle extension of the home. This is achieved through loving, attentive teaching; intimate class sizes; and firm standards of behaviour. This atmosphere provides students with the stability and support they need to develop a core of confidence, honesty and considerate behaviour as they grow into adulthood.


Olivet School is a community of families and educators. We place great value on the role of parents in their own child’s education and we support this through frequent communication with parents. Though volunteering at the school is not a requirement, we find that many of our parents like to get involved. Parents and family attend picnics, concerts and plays. They help out with field trips. They visit the classrooms for story time, baking or art. Or they contribute to the life of the school by sharing from their own professional backgrounds and favourite hobbies. Olivet’s rich community means that students form lifetime friendships. Parents and teachers at Olivet share a love for raising principled children in an atmosphere of love and thoughtfulness.

Current Curriculum Integrated with Caring Christian Values

Christian values, such as kindness to others, are woven into everything we do at Olivet. We pursue studies in today’s Ontario curriculum within a context of how to use this knowledge to live a purposeful life. How does one truly care for one’s neighbour with integrity? What is hidden within the wonder of the created universe? These questions and others like them take the curricular knowledge and bring it alive as we explore questions of meaning and purpose at age-appropriate levels. Through this enriched faith-based approach to curriculum, Olivet has remained a leader in character development; the compass which guides a student throughout their life and beyond.

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