Almost 130 Years of Caring

At Olivet School, we focus on creating a warm, caring environment for our students through small class sizes and integrating Christian values and character development into all that we do.  

Our teachers build a solid character education by cultivating each student’s gifts and talents, encouraging them to work to the best of their potential, and inspiring them to be caring, honest, and considerate individuals. 

Founded in 1893, Olivet School is a private elementary school located in central Etobicoke, in Toronto’s west end. Our rich history has provided young minds with the opportunity to grow academically and spiritually, while preparing them for future success.

If personalized attention, a safe and supportive learning environment, and the development of strong character are priorities for your child’s education, then Olivet School is the answer. Book a tour today to learn more about our unique caring approach to education.

Life-long Journey of Learning

Kindergarten is in some ways the most exciting time in a child’s education; it’s when our little one’s curiosity drives interactive, inquiry-based learning. It’s a time when our teachers develop your child’s self-esteem while nurturing their skills within a stimulating and supportive environment.

At Olivet School, we believe that understanding truth and learning good habits starts when they are very young, which is why our teachers introduce character and leadership development through creative teaching methods that make learning fun.

Let’s start their journey of learning together at Olivet School. Book a tour today.

Notwithstanding the remote digital learning, the output and quality of teaching materials and instruction remains impressively and remarkably intact from the Olivet teaching staff! We are incredibly grateful to you, and all of the Olivet staff, for the steadfast guidance in the Lord’s word and enrichment of the children’s spiritual teachings and intellectual development. In our family’s humble opinion, the ups and downs of using technology for our children’s schooling are but a small price for being the beneficiaries of Olivet’s storied legacy of spiritual and intellectual education. Mrs. Wilson, you, and the rest of Olivet teachers are unstoppable!

—Parent of Students in Grades 2 & 5

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