Primary Programs: Grade 2 and 3

Private Schools in TorontoAs the scope of subject matter expands with the growing child, the grade 2 and 3 room continues to employ a holistic approach to education. With such an excellent teacher-student ratio  each child  receives regular individual attention and is  thus supported in achieving his/her potential in academic excellence. The goal is not only to cater to individual learning styles but also to help each child develop with the context of his/her physical, emotional, academic, social  and spiritual growth.

Physical development continues through PE, recess and purposeful movement during academic lessons. Students work on the floor, at the board, at their desks and regularly measure, interview or investigate throughout the building. Activity keeps children engaged and increases retention of material at hand.

Emotional growth is as important to future success as academic growth. In order to support emotional development the teacher models appropriate emotional identification and sharing and coaches the students to find language and effective responses to their emotional states.

Intellectual mastery at the junior room level relies on a flexible schedule which the teacher adapts to meet student interest. Each day and week the teacher looks for the “hooks” of student interest and enjoyment which then drive the movement through the curriculum across a range of subjects. When the excitement, questions and interests of students help guide the schedule, learning happens effortlessly.

The holistic classroom approach which brings together intellectual, emotional and physical development is all set within the concept of spiritual education. A spiritual focus teaches students: 1) to see themselves and others as having intrinsic, God-given value which transcends any flaws, differences and limits. 2) To pursue purposeful contributions in life which go beyond the pursuit of personal gratification. 3) To recognize their connection and accountability to a higher being.

“I love my school because the faculty, students and parents make up a friendly, mutually supportive environment, unlike any school I have ever experienced.”– Grade 2 and 3 Teacher