Junior Programs: Grade 4 and 5

In our highest grades we continue to build a solid, in-depth foundation of knowledge through individualized attention. The teachers provide detailed answers and discussion as questions arise.  Students at this age are becoming more aware  and are excited about learning about the world around them.

An enriched Ontario curriculum in science, history, geography, literature, grammar, math, art and writing is important but it is Christian values that keep learning focused on the application of knowledge.  How can our students make a positive contribution to their communities, their country and the world?

We challenge our students to move beyond a mere knowledge into understanding where the students are looking for useful applications for what they are learning. For example, we had students work with an electrical engineer to build a working transistor radio as part of their electricity unit.  At Olivet we realize that students will need technology to succeed in the future.  Each student is given their own laptop upon admission to use in class.  Homework is often shared via a class network so that students can watch lessons at their own pace at home and then come to class ready to discuss and build on the concepts.

In addition to frequent excursions and opportunities to test new skills and knowledge, the students work hard on presenting material confidently and articulately. This is one of the many advantages of our small classrooms which allow each student opportunities to present material and practice leadership in the classroom.

Toronto Private School

“I love my school because the classes are very small so you get lots of attention.  The teachers are very smart and still have fun with you.  Also you go on extremely fun academic trips—about 13 field trips a year!” – Grade 5 Student

“I love my school for teaching my son to be not only an excellent student but also a good person. Thank you for your love, care, appreciation, compassion, understanding, help and encouragement on every level.”–  Grade 5 Parent

“I love my school because we have the opportunity to raise students with caring Christian values while teaching real science, such as evolution.  We offer true character education from a modern perspective.”- Grade 4 and 5 Teacher