Grade 1

The grade 1 room is an active class that promotes questions, inquiry and learning activities! Learning is still closely tied with the student’s home life so we cultivate a team approach between parents and teacher through regular communication and dialog about student progress.  French is taught starting from Preschool, so our grade 1 students are already starting to use another language to describe the world around them and communicate with each other.

The children become increasingly socially aware at this stage of life so the teacher spends time modeling and coaching them in communication skills and in building healthy relationship with their peers.  Students learn to see the way they treat themselves, their neighbours and the world around them.  We especially support the development of kindness and respect at this age.

As pivotal math and language concepts are learned, the grade 1 classroom matches these with further development of fine and gross motor skills.  The students still tend to be very literal thinkers so their academic learning is purposefully grounded in tangible examples and experiences which support brain development and a thorough understanding of Ontario curriculum concepts.

Private School Education

“I love my school for its small class sizes and nurturing, family-oriented environment which encourages a level of self confidence and social awareness in the students that is very difficult to foster in a larger school setting.  This, in combination with a healthy blend of spirituality and academics provides an excellent foundation for students both from an educational and broader social perspective.  It’s a setting that’s hard to beat!”- Grade 1 Parent