Religion Studies

Our formal Religion Studies begin in grade three. In addition to our morning chapel our students have Religion Class where we considering the scope of impact the Bible has had on history, given that it is the most widely published, translated and distributed book in the world. We take a systematic and detailed exploration of the text, bringing it alive with skits and projects. But the Bible is also a religious text and so we work with students to read it in an applied fashion. In this case, our guiding question becomes “how does each story help us become better people in our lives today?”

Toronto private schools

“I love my school because we have drama, double recess and because it is fun to go to whole school Chapel on Mondays.”– Grade 3 Student

 “I love my school because, as an alumnus (1938-1944) I experienced, as did all my children (1958-1983) and grandchildren (present), its teaching of timeless values of Church, family and home in a caring and supportive environment of character development.” Alumnus