Co-Curricular Activities

At Olivet we are able to cover an curriculum enriched with outings and experiences to enhance students understanding of their subjects in the context of the world around them. Our curriculum is enhanced with field trips, performances. Our great facilities allow us to offer a range of activities to enhance learning.

DSC_1392eField Trips
have included: Visiting the Mayor’s Office, meeting with Canadian authors, petting farm animals at the Royal Winter Fair, visiting an artist’s home to paint in his studio, performances, overnight trips camping, touring Sault St. Marie, Cessna flights over Toronto, visiting professionals at their place of business, regular explorations of the creek and forest,  bicycle tours of Toronto Island and much more…

Performance: 5 musical and theatrical events each year, French plays, and classroom skits.

Facilities and Equipment: Personal laptops for students, digital projectors, video and still photography, commercial kitchen for our cooking, math manipulatives, excellent science equipment, performance stage, gymnasium, sports field, immediate access to large green space with trails and stream. We also have a skating rink and pool nearby that we use regularly for our athletics program.