Olivet School has had a long tradition of providing top quality academic education while being one of the quality private schools in Toronto and still being affordable for all families looking for what Olivet is uniquely able to provide.

Families who love Olivet:

  • …are looking for a very small, attentive classroom environment.
  • …value our religious program based on a Swedenborgian Christian perspective.
  • …support our high standards in behavior, work ethic and respect.
  • …want to be active partners in their children’s learning.

The Olivet community includes families from a range of ethnic, national and socio-economic backgrounds. But across this diversity families who are looking for a warm and thoughtful education environment guided by Christian principles find a home at Olivet.

Application Process

The application process for Olivet School is simple, just complete the following steps.

  1. Tour: Complete a school tour and classroom visit.
  2. Interview: Parents/Guardians meet with the principal.
  3. Records: Provide the school with copies of student’s two most recent report cards and assessment materials (if applicable).
  4. Teacher assessment: Student meets with classroom teacher individually or joins the classroom for the morning. (Not required for preschool).
  5. Apply: Return a completed application form to the office. (Application forms can be picked up in the school office).
  6. Register: Upon receipt of an acceptance letter, complete registration form and pay $150 registration fee.